Requirements for the customers’ files and materials

The files should be sent in standard formats, PDF, PS, PSD-files to avoid errors converting. If you provide a lay-out in the format of Microsoft Office, we can help you convert the file into a format suitable for work. The format of Microsoft Office is not suitable for high quality publications.

We accept the following formats:

1. Text

The text should be submitted in DOC, RTF.

2. Lay-out

QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Indesign lay-out should be provided as a folder in which all contained in the publication of images and fonts. In multiband publications is not permitted to use link between the text blocks on different pages.

3. Raster images

TIFF, EPS, PSD files should not contain additional ways, channels, layers not used in this lay-out. The text must be converted into a bitmap. Optimal resolution - 300 dpi

4. Vector Graphics

Sorel Draw up 13.0, Adobe Illustrator 7.0 - 12.0 All fonts must be converted to curves. Complex special effects (shadows, lens, power clip, transparency, etc.) - must be converted into a bitmap.

PS, PDF must bear labels cutting (allowance for bleed / bleed 2-5 mm on each side), scoring, takes into account the size of the paper and seals the area, gluing or paper clip. Full responsibility for the correctness of the layout is the author of the layout. Together with the PS-file must provide the controlling PDF-file or a test printout. Output resolution files should be 2400 dpi, lpi-150.

5. Ready photoforms (film)

Provided the film should not have mechanical damage (creases, scratches, cracks, any kind of strain). Photoforms should contain all the required tags (tags matching colors, folding, trimming, etc.) and densitometer scales on the long side of the paper. Complete with photoforms customer provides an approved printout, PDF or color proof.

All claims by the color are accepted only if there are proofs (Cromalin) made with the same files (films) being directly used for printing!